The last couple of months have seen some crazy Firefly news running rampant, with online campaigns to raise the funds to buy the Firefly rights, give them back to Joss Whedon, and get the show back on television. All this based on an offhand tweet by Nathan Fillion. There were writers, actors, and fans all willing to get the ball rolling until it looked like it might take off and the whole thing was kiboshed by a Whedonite insider. Everyone pretty much wrote the whole thing off as a wonderful idea that would never be.

So I was floored when I read this mornings Entertainment Weekly interview with Mark Zuckerberg. That’s right; the Facebook guy is a big Firefly fan and has BOUGHT THE RIGHTS TO FIREFLY!

In the interview Zuckerberg tells of watching the show while still at Harvard with his long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, pictured here.

“She (Priscilla) kept asking me to watch this new Scifi show. It ended up being a cool thing we enjoyed together.”

“When I showed her the Facebook page devoted to buying the Firefly rights and giving them back to Joss Whedon, she joked that I should just buy it, so I had some people look into it.”

Zuckerberg would not disclose the final buying price from 20th Century FOX, although it is rumored to have been in the $75 to $100 million dollar range. He went on to explain his plans to offer the television episodes and Serenity movie on Facebook’s new movie rental platform. As for new Firefly material, Zuckerberg says “he’ll leave that up to the experts.” Maybe an expert like Joss Whedon?

Could this be a wedding gift for Priscilla? Zuckerberg squashed that question pretty quick, but did add that he hoped to convince her to appear in the new episodes of Firefly; he even joked that he had a character name for her, “April Sloof”

I can’t wait to hear what Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, and the Firefly fans think about this news. Get that browncoat out of the closet, Nathan!

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