The Green Lantern WonderCon Footage is Here

Big green machine guns, thousands of members of the Lantern Corps and Tomar-Re‘s voice (it’s definitely Geoffrey Rush) are just a few of the highlights from the awesome Green Lantern footage DC Comics and Warner Brothers rolled out at WonderCon Friday night. After disappointing early trailers, this new footage has everyone rethinking their “this is gonna suck” mentality.

The footage primarily focuses on the origin of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as the Green Lantern, particularly how he came to get his ring, how he first came to speak the oath, and how he was whisked away to the planet Oa to be surrounded and trained by a host of superpowered aliens. Also featured: the commanding presence of Sinestro (Mark Strong), a glimpse of Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and the onrushing evil of Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). The footage we’re seeing now shows us something far and away from the half-assed flick the first trailer seemed to be advertising. This is more like an epic superhero space opera encrusted with emeralds. Sweet relief.

See for yourself and let us know if you agree:

And by the way, Warner Brothers has also rolled out a brand new official poster for the flick. Dig it:

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