With WonderCon 2011 finally wrapped, there are a whole bunch of quick little bits of superhero movie and television news to cover … so let’s get to it!

On the DC comics front, the star of Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot, Henry Cavill, spoke to MTV News about how he is preparing for the iconic role, starting with the source material.

“I’m just picking out as much as I possibly can from the comic-book history,” he told MTV News at WonderCon, “because obviously it’s plastered across there as to who this man is. … It’s just picking up a general idea of who he is and working from there.” “Superman is Superman, after all,” he said. “There’s only so much of a change you can make to that.”

The re-boot also stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Clark Kent’s adoptive Earth parents and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, his reporter love interest.

With Snyder’s Sucker Punch doing so poorly in the theaters, I am a little nervous about what he will do to the iconic character. But, we have lots of time until we find out!

For all the Marvel news that has come out recently, be sure to check below the jump.

In the Marvel corner, a few pictures have surfaced showcasing some characters from the Ghost Rider sequel, entitled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. While not a lot is known about the movie, other than the fact that Nicholas Cage (as Johnny Blaze) is hiding out in Eastern Europe when the devil makes a play for being risen to Earth. Of course, Johnny must put a stop to the impending badness.

The pictures below show Idris Elba‘s character (described as a drunk warrior monk), along with a close-up of the tattoo’s of another monk.

In other Marvel news, Stan Lee spoke at length about his cameo in both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger and lobbies for a part in The Dark Knight Rises.

Did I do it well? Did I look like a truck driver? Because I’m a method actor. I bought myself a truck and I rehearsed!”

They just tell me what to do. I never have anything to say about it. When I show up, I never know what I’m gonna do.”

“I think young kids have always loved fairy tales — stories of monsters and giants and witches. But as you get older, you can’t read fairy tales anymore. But then along come superhero stories and they fill the same gap. They’re like fairy tales but they’re for older people in the real world, and I think everybody loves things that are bigger than life, you know? And certainly superhero movies are.”

“I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in Batman? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it.”

Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb announced that Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia (Both of Heroes fame) will voice the title roles of the new Iron Man and Wolverine anime series, here’s a little of what he had to say;

Adrian and Milo are perfect as Iron Man and Wolverine [respectively]. It’s extremely exciting to see these talented guys take on two of the most iconic super hero roles of all time.”

The  new Iron Man series will follow Tony Stark to Japan to take on the Zodiac consortium. Wolverine will also be in Japan and have Logan battling the criminal underworld.  These two new anime series will join Blade and X-Men and will appear exclusively on the G4 network here in the US. READ MORE at GeekTyrant

And lastly, the much hyped X-Men anime television show has premiered in Japan, and the opening credits have found their way online. And let me tell you, you have got to see just how cool it is!

That’s all for today, but be sure to stay tuned to Nerdbastards for all your superhero news!

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