The most recent issue of Total Film is out and they are packing the treats for X-Men fans. In addition to a cover story brimming with news about the flick there are three different collectible covers all modeled on a magazine style from the 60s. The three covers featuring Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr and Emma Frost parallel the vintage looks of classic mags like Life or Esquire.

Stay with us after the jump, won’t you, for some fun, spoilery tidbits about the film.

All right, now to the juicy bits. Again, skip this part and just keep looking at the pretty covers if you want to remain unspoilt. Here’s what the good folks over at /Film have gathered,

Oliver Platt says his character, the Man in Black, is head of a secret CIA division “devoted to investigating the application of mental telepathy and paranormal power in military defense.”

Oliver Platt also explains that “Charles and Mystique become ensnared with the Agency, the Man in Black diverts them to his division with a deft bureaucratic sleight of hand. Erik soon joins them and The X-Men flourish under MIB’s protection.

The film opens with a young Magneto in Auschwitz, a scene we’ve seen in X-Men, more or less, but this time Sebastian Shaw is on the scene, urging Magneto to use his powers.

We’ll also see very young Xavier and Mystique meeting one another.

Michael Ironside reportedly cameos, though we don’t know who he plays. I’m hoping it is Leland, a Hellfire Club associate of Sebastian Shaw.

Matthew Vaughn was “adamant” that Moira McTaggart be American, though the character is Scottish in the comics. We’ll see her relationship with Xavier, but won’t get a view of Muir Island, her home in the comics.

Okay, all of this pleases me except the bit about Moira McTaggart being American. Why was Vaughn so adamant she not be Scottish? I don’t think it’ll be hurtful to the movie at all; it just strikes me as a weird thing to be concerned with. I’m excited to see Xavier and Mystique’s first meeting, but I’m even more excited for her and Erik to meet. Wonder if they’ll hint at anything between them, or maybe I’ just hoping they’ll throw a fangirl a bone.

We don’t have too much longer to wait for X-Men: First Class; it opens June 3rd. What’s everyone doing to pass the time before the summer blockbuster season kicks off?

source: /Film

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