Star Trek 2 plot story

Roberto Orci was caught coming out of the Cowboys and Aliens panel at Wondercon by Coming Soon and gave these comments about incorporating some fan criticisms of the first Star Trek reboot movie into the sequel.

“Everyone said [Kirk] is too young to become Captain,” he explains, “So maybe in the next movie, somebody goes, ‘Man, you sure became Captain young and fast.’ You start to incorporate people’s opinions… If it’s organic to the story and you find someone who doesn’t think too highly of Kirk because he maybe skipped a few steps, that’s maybe a fun thing to consider. That comes from a fan reaction and maybe gives you a story point.”

[Fans] wanted more character time with everybody,” he adds, “and, because that was an origin story for ‘Star Trek,’ everyone had to come in at a certain point. Now everyone is going to be there from the beginning, so they’re going to get that. Everyone sure hated engineering. They thought it looked like a brewery, which it was. I’ll pass that on to J.J. [Abrams] and see what he says.”

Star Trek 2 (No subtitle yet) is expected to hit theater screens in July of 2012. The entire cast, including Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto, are expected to reprise their roles.

Yeah, those fan criticisms were tough. That’s sarcasm for those of you in the South, (We don’t use it much down here below the Mason-Dixon line). I’ll be happy if they have engineering fix all those damn reflective glares on the bridge. It looked like the bridge crew was in a tanning booth. McCoy should have been yelling, “I’m a Doctor Dammit! Not an optometrist!”

My big problem was the whole Spock must be unfit for command story line and how it was handled. Putting Kirk down on an ice planet wasn’t enough to prove that Spock wasn’t firing on all cylinders? What, there isn’t a brig on the Enterprise? Having Kirk in the brig when the ship is attacked, escaping the brig due to damage from the fight to get to the bridge and relieve a floundering Spock would have been much better storytelling, and explained why Kirk is a natural fighting commander.

Oh well, they’re gonna do what they want to and what the Hollywood money people tell them and we will fill the theater seats and the movie will be a big hit.
“Make It So!”

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