Star Wars: The Clone Wars has easily become the greatest thing to come from the Star Wars universe since, well, the first Star Wars trilogy. I know many people write it off as a cartoon for kids but seriously guys, who do you think those movies were made for? Not critics and film connoisseurs that’s for sure.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly The Clone Wars supervising director, Dave Filoni talked about how dark Season 3 was (dark and awesome I might add), Savage Oppress and Chewbacca returning and getting Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch to direct an episode. But the biggest news to come from the interview is Katee Sackhoff will be joining the series. It is yet unknown who she’ll be voicing by Filoni promises it to be “a memorable character.”

Filoni also mentioned the influence the original Battlestar has had on Clone Wars,

EW: Actually, there’ve been a number of BSG references on the show lately, like how a Separatist tactical droid said “By your command” a la the old chrome-domed Cylons.

DF: See that’s me being old, because that’s classic Battlestar. The Separatist tactical droids have a similar sounding voice to old Cylons. In fact, the inspiration I had for those tactical droids was a Cylon in the original series called Lucifer. He was Baltar’s adviser. I always like the idea of this really smart droid that could calculate all these possibilities. I thought the Droid Army should have these brainiac droids that could wage battles based on calculations of probability whereas the Jedi are fighting out of heart and commitment to each other.

Read the rest of the interview for more tidbits about what they’re planning for Clone Wars. I’m glad to see people out there still remember old Battlestar, for all it’s cheesiness it was  a classic sci-fi program. Make sure to tune in next season to see what character Starbuck brings to life. I wonder if she’ll have a cigar?

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