Welcome to another edition of Superhero Roundup, where we take the bits of superhero news you can’t be bothered with tracking down yourself and bring them all under one roof for your convenience. We begin today in the DC Universe, specifically the DC Animated Universe, where we begin with news of a new animated film project.

Batman Will Bring Doom to the Justice League:

Bruce Timm (co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series) announced at WonderCon over the weekend that the first DC Animated project for 2012 will be a Justice League of America film based on the comic storyline Tower of Babel. The comic storyline follows Batman‘s efforts to compile files on each of his fellow JLA members, including their weakness (because, you know, he’s prepared like that), only to have Ra’s al Ghul steal the files and use them to defeat the Justice League.

There’s no casting news for this one, and at the moment it’s operating only under the working title of Justice League: Doom. If DC’s high level of quality in their animated films continues, we might be better off with this than that live action Justice League flick Warner Brothers is reportedly working on.

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Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor:

Chris Hemsworth has a candid interview in the latest issue of GQ Australia, and it includes lots of insight into what it was like to make Thor. It’s a great primer, now that we’re just over a month from the release.

On What It Was Like To Get To Kiss Natalie Portman:

Ridiculous. Going from kissing Natalie Portman to working with Anthony Hopkins — the whole experience was like, “What the [frick] am I doing here?” But in a good way. It literally seemed like last week I was still working on Home and Away.

On Kenneth Branagh, And Whether He Felt Intimidated Being Surrounded By Actors Like Anthony Hopkins:

You have the massive world that was created by Marvel, and then you have these very intimate actors around you. There was as much character work on this as there would be on a little independent film. So, [I felt] very fortunate in that sense, and I had never had anyone push me in so many different directions or places that Ken did with my character. Instead of trying to track ‘this is who he is and this is what we do’, we’d try one thing and say, “Great, we’ve got that, now let’s give this a go.” By doing that you constantly go, “I didn’t think of that, but I could use that here.” It was a constant evolution, which is a freer way to work. We weren’t on this tightrope of, “Oh [frick], don’t do that, only do this.” And Anthony Hopkins is just incredible to be around — he lifts everybody’s game. You soak up everything he is doing and learn from that.

On Creating The Fantastic World Of Thor:

We were lucky in that they had actually built most of the sets. It’s easier having this big fantasy world around you than if there was just a green screen. It was like being a kid playing dress-ups. You do feel like you are this guy — especially with the costume. The first day I put it on, Hopkins looked at me and looked at both of us, and said, “No acting required here.”

On The Fans:

I did Comic-Con and there were 7000 people. They showed a clip from the film then we did interviews where there were 20 people at each table, so that was the introduction. I was thrown into it — holy shit! I got a real sense of the fan base that Thor has and the buzz around it. You’re plugging away, you’re auditioning and your fingers are crossed. Then you get the part, sign the contract and start to realise millions of people follow this guy and know more about your character than you do. It’s existed for 50 years or something and all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh [frick], there’s a lot of people waiting here to say that’s right, or that’s wrong.” So it’s a funny thing to walk into. Not often do you approach a character where people know more about him than you do.

An Actor Nobody’s Heard of Might be the Next Lex Luthor:

RadarOnline reported Monday that a little-known actor named Adam Harris is scheduled to audition (along with Lindsay Lohan) for a role in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman: Man of Steel.

The article focused mostly on Lohan, but noted Harris’ resemblance to Lex Luthor, leading to rumors that he might be up for the role of the Man of Steel’s archenemy.

“Another role that is close to being filled is that of Lex Luther, the power-mad archenemy of Superman.

RadarOnline.com has learned fledgling actor Adam Harris, who bears a striking resemblance to Luther, is in the mix and has auditioned multiple times for producers.

Harris is scheduled to join Lohan for the read, suggesting the pair could be teamed together as villains.”

First of all, how terrifying is the thought of Lindsay Lohan being in this flick? Second of all, the only real resemblance this guy has to Lex Luthor is a distinct lack of hair. Third of all, it’s just a rumor. For all we know every bald guy in Los Angeles is up for the role at this point. Fourth of all, RadarOnline needs to fucking learn how to spell Luthor

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