Aaaaah Elfquest. I never read it, but I know a lot of people who do. It’s rather surprising that Hollywood hasn’t bastardized it with a movie. Will leave that to the fan-boys. Er….fan-girls.

A few geeky fangirls took it upon themselves to create a short, but rather impressive teaser trailer for an “ElfQuest” film. There isn’t much to the trailer, but according to the official ElfQuest Fan Fiction website, the project is a labor of love and their goal is to “create new fans and give existing ones a taste of the world we’ve loved for so long.”

Here’s what the actresses and producers had to say:

“Both of us have been fans of EQ since we were little girls, and this project is a complete labor of love. We are working actresses and producers in the New Media circle and when we discovered our shared lifelong love for this series we were spurred to action. ElfQuest showed us the heroines that we could aspire to become and its magic shaped us, ultimately leading us into the creative entertainment sphere. So we owe it a lot!”

Blah…blah…blah. Elf ears on scantily clad lovely ladies? I’m fapping with glee. MOAR PLZ!

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