Wondercon Cosplay Compilation

When most people say the name WonderCon they use to think of it as just the younger brother of San Diego’s world famous Comic-Con. Back when San Francisco’s young convention started out it was just something to pass the time in the Bay-area until the grand-daddy of conventions came back around for the weekend. As WonderCon has begun to get into the convention circuit and grow faster then the Hulk getting angry, it has garnered quite a following of supports, but more importantly Cosplayers. What started out with an almost non-existent presence, has become a haven for people who like to dress up as their favorite fictional characters.

Thanks to Mark Day, a camera and some well done editing, he has compiled video compilation showing you as many cosplayers as he could at this year’s WonderCon. Watch it now below:

Cameras at the ready


WonderCon is all grown up now and he’s getting all the ladies, all Comic-Con gets is huge movie stars and money. That’s gotta be an even trade-off at the very least.

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