Okay, don’t panic. None of this is confirmed as of yet, just some interesting information streaming through the blogosphere. The Wolverine has already hit some major road bumps along the way. First, director Darren Aronofsky left the project leaving many fans heartbroken. Then the horrible tragedy in Japan put a stop on any kind of location work and it’s looking like it would be some time before Japan could host a film crew. And as if this wasn’t enough to finally put down The Wolverine, Universal is trying to steal Hugh Jackman for their film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

This would be the Snow White flick starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron and is expected to be full blown, action adventure, blockbuster retelling of the classic tale. Sounds right up Jackman’s alley, right? Hopefully won’t be as disappointing as Van Helsing. (It still drives me nuts to think about how much potential that movie had, sigh.)

Deadline is reporting Jackman would receive a “premium rate of pay” for Snow White so it sounds like a deal almost too good pass up. But fans know Jackman is very commited to the Wolverine character. Chances are we won’t know anything for sure until Jackman and FOX come to a decision about who will take over directing duties for The Wolverine. At the moment both Duncan Jones and David Slade‘s names are being tossed around as possibilites. I’m voting for Jones, have you seen Moon or Source Code? Guy’s a really talented directer and I wouln’t be worried about him overloading the movie with unnecessary CGI.

It’s also strange they couldn’t somehow allow for Jackman to be in both films, I’m no Hollywood insider but there must be a way. Obviously The Wolverine isn’t going anywhere without a director or a usable location. Put it on the backburner, film Snow White (please make it rockin’) then return to The Wolverine. I don’t think anyone’s interest in another super hero movie will be waning anytime soon. Besides, then Jackman can make sure The Wolverine is done right, I really need something to wash out that Wolverine: Origins after taste.

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