Nerd Art Stock Pile? There’s a lot of nerd art on the net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n, but hey we’re not complaining. We see so much neato art work on a daily basis, but for whatever reason they don’t make it to the front page of Nerd Bastards. We’re either lazy, or a piece of stand alone artwork isn’t enough to warrant a full post. Mostly we’re lazy. But, who are we to rob you of this net glory? We’re bastards but we’re not assholes. So here’s a round-up of the latest Nerd Art; intended for eye masturbation purposes.

HIT THE JUMP for a Cat Fight Between Marvel and DC, Star Wars Dia de los Muertos, Star Trek Pixelated Character Chart and MORE!

Artist Bobby Rubio puts us in the middle of a little nerd wish fulfillment in a ‘Cat Fight’ between Marvel’s Black Cat and DC’s Catwoman. Who ya got? My votes on Black Cat. She has bigger BEWBS.

Via: Deviant Art



Artist John Karpinsky, also known as “Captain Magnificent” on Etsy, made these pretty awesome illustrations combining his love of Star Wars and the cultural influence that his wife’s last job (at a mostly Hispanic school) had on him. Please note that all these illustations are available for purchase. at John’s Etsy Shop.

Artist Joe Guinto will be auctioning off this great Shadow of the Colossus piece at the Kawaii Kon, April 29 in Hawaii. All proceeds will go to the Gamers Heart Japan charity.

Via: Kotaku


Topless Robot sister site OC Weekly has pics of the recent Star Wars event held in Legoland last weekend. Where Lego recreations of scenes from all six movies and Clone Wars, as well some absolutely insane murals were seen. View the slideshow here.

John Martz‘s Trexels poster contains a pixelated replica of two hundred and thirty-five characters from each Star Trek television show, quite a few of the movies, and, Star Trek: The Animated Series. Question is, can you name them all?

via: The Mary Sue

Ever hear of a Pictogram? Is that elvish or something? I was recently told it’s a style of simplistic art similar to what you might see on a bathroom doorl telling you which gender goes to which potty. Like stick figures but fleshier… sorta. Anyway, here’s a small gallery of Pictogram movie posters courtesy of


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