You know we could just skip the not so world shattering news and investigative reporting pertaining to upcoming comic-book movies. We could just sit on our hands till the flicks actually come out.  Eh, that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Alright, well in Nerd Bastards continued comic-book movie coverage we got a few tidbits to report. Actually, I almost considered not posting this as they’re useless throw away updates. Seriously, go look at some porn or something, I won’t be offended.

Duncan Jones and David Slade Up to Direct The Wolverine?

Oi! Production on FOXs ‘The Wolverine’ is not looking too well. First the tragedy in Japan happened -the script is based on Frank Millers comic run where Wolverine does a whole samurai motif. Filming there? A bit problematic indeed. As result of the catastrophe, coupled with time away from family, director Darren Aronofsky removed himself from the production. Honestly, who would want to spend a year in all that depression anyway?. I don’t blame him. On top of all that, Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman is being asked to leave Wolverine and star in Universals Snow White and the Huntsman.  The latter is uncertain at this time, but still. Regardless, FOX really wants to make this movie happen. Hell bent even. If they don’t make a movie then they’ll lose the rights to the property and they will go right back to Marvel. Provided they find a new director and can figure out the shooting plan, they’re ready to kick it into gear. Who might direct? Well it’s been noted that Duncan Jones, director of the well-reviewed Source Code, and David Slade, the Twilight Saga: Eclipse were persons of interests prior to Aronosfky. Deadline recounts that footnote. Does it mean they’re back in the running? Well, one would assume right? Time will tell.


The Amazing Spider-Man BIGGER and BETTER?

Beside a questionable spidey suit design (undefined webbing lines, no belt, silver trimmings on boots and mechanical web shooters) everyone is pretty stoked for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. At least from a casting stand point anyway. Seriously we got Andrew Garfield as Ole’ Web head, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, and Sally Field as Aunt May, just how awesome is that? At least co-star C. Thomas Howell (plays some guy named “Ray”) thinks so anyway. At the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Gift Lounge he was asked about working with the incredible cast and said: “I’m a huge fan. It was an amazing experience, a great group. Sony was amazing and I was just proud to be a part of it.” In regards to the 3D filming process he said: “Everything is twice the size of what you’re used to,”. “One of the exciting things about it was watching the replays with your glasses on and seeing it right after you shoot it in 3D so that was amazing. I was learning a lot, it was my first time.”

Ya, I dunno how any of that means BIGGER AND BETTER. I blame for misleading me.

Captain America Re-Shoots?

It’s a known fact that when a movie is subject to re-shoots it’s almost always a sign that it’s bad. However, 1 extra day of filming? Not a big deal. Again our frenemies at comicbookmovie are makin’ some noise out of a whole lot of nothing. They exclusively confirmed that Captain America: The First Avenger will have one whole day of re-shoots somewhere in the simi valley of L.A.

From On Location Vacation:

Then today we received a permit issued for filming in L.A. for Vita Ray Productions Inc/ Frostbite which, sure enough, is the production company for Captain America. Check out the details below:

THE PRODUCTION COMPANY: Vita Ray Productions Inc



LOCATION: 555 W. 5th St

PREP DATE(S): 4/08/11, 12:00 P.M. – 5:00 A.M

FILMING DATE(S): 4/09/11

FILMING HOUR(S): 5:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M


If you want to jump to suspicions, the one day of filming might be for some cameo, but I doubt it. Probably some exterior pick-up shot or a tank or something.

The Dark Knight Rises to Begin Filming in Pittsburg This Summer

OK,  this is day old news. Sorry for not getting to it to you sooner but we were distracted by cupcakes. That and WE DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK!

So, one of Pennsylvania’s most populated cities will host the third and final Batman film from director Christopher Nolan. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has revealed the production home-base for the highly anticipated film, which is scheduled for theatrical release on July 20th, 2012.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is coming to Pittsburgh this summer to film the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s spectacular franchise starring recent Oscar winner Christian Bale in the title role.

“Pittsburgh is a beautiful city,” the London-born director said in a statement. “We have been able to find everything we were looking for here, and I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh with our final installment of Batman.”

Mr. Nolan, a favorite of audiences and critics who also made “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” along with “Inception,” “The Prestige” and “Memento,” met this morning with representatives of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming the Batman film to Pittsburgh, and eager for the economic impact that our city will experience,” the mayor said in a statement. “This is another example of the growing film industry in our community, and we will be rolling out the red carpet for them.”

Director of the Pittsburgh Film Office Dawn Keezer said filming in and around the city could take between four to six weeks, but wasn’t sure about exact filming locations:

“They’re still nailing down actual locations but what they really fell in love with was the diversity of architecture and the gorgeous buildings that we still have in Downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

“I think it’s the most high profile project we’ve seen. A franchise as prestigious as Batman opens our region up to an entirely new audience as filmmakers and studio executives experience Southwestern Pennsylvania.”

What does that all mean?! Unless you live in Pittsburgh ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Gotham City has been depicted as a mix of Chicago (where TDK filmed primarily), Detroit, New York City (specifically Manhattan), and even portions of Hong Kong.  Pittsburgh provides more locations for Nolan to utilize and, more importantly, the financial incentives for filming in PA. Yay, I guess.

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