Arnold Schwarzenegger – Pondering Movie Offers

Arnold seems to be going into overdrive to get some work started. I heard about some animated thing with Stan Lee, but I started to read about it and blacked out. I’ve decided to just let that sit, over in that dark corner of the closet with the other things I don’t think about, GEM . . . Transformers II movie . . . and peeps. Those damn yellow marshmallow treats creep the hell out of me.

He’s currently weighing up offers to star in a pair of big-screen dramas, one of them focused on crime, the other on punishment. First up is Last Stand, a border town-set “cops vs. Drug cartels” thriller from Jee-woon Kim, director of A Tale of Two Sisters, Bittersweet Life and I Saw the Devil. Schwarzenegger would play the Sheriff engaging in an ongoing battle of wits, bullets, and banter with a powerful drug lord. According to Variety, Liam Neeson passed on the role. Schwarzenegger has yet to meet Kim, but has already been given an offer on the role, should he want to take it.

Arnold also has an offer for The Tomb. This one would see him cast as a designer of high-security buildings who gets framed for a crime and, in a twist that will surprise precisely nobody, locked up in a prison of his own devising. Antoine Fuqua is lined up to direct, and has met with Arnold a couple of times already.

I’m not particularly excited by the prospect of either of those pictures, but certainly anything before that animated thing “that is not to be named.” I have a thought that Arnold should consider, it would help “Bookend” his movie career. King Conan would be right up his ally right now. The aging “civilized” king, a kingdom in peril, a son missing, all the elements for an old fashioned Schwarzenegger action flick. What do you think? I’ve been waiting for this story to be told on screen since I first saw that iconic image at the end of Conan in 1982.
ALL Hail King Conan!

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