Tim Miller Set to Direct ‘Deadpool’. Who?

Get the kazoo and noise makers, Deadpool has a director – visual effects specialist Tim Miller. Uh… what the deuce? Who the fuck is Tim Miller? Ya, you can put the kazoo and noise makers down. Or, you can keep them up. They are fun to play with.

Mr. Miller comes from the island of misfit toys first time directors. You’ve never heard of him, but he has done special effects work on films such as X-Men, X2, Daredevil, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Night at the Museum. Why has a special effects guy with no previous directing skills been tapped to direct Deadpool – a film adaption of Marvels fan favorite mercenary? Don’t ask me, I got my thumb up my ass, but I would assume it’s FOX’s commitment to making piss poor decisions and abhorrent choices when it comes to their adaptions of iconic comic book heroes.

Just cause he does visual effects doesn’t mean he cant be a director! OK, maybe I’m too quick to judge. There have been plenty of first time directors that have gone on to do great things. Neil Blomkamp, Duncan Jones, Brad Bird to name a few. But Deadpool, a wise cracking, foul mouthed, loony, anti hero? If ever a film needed Edgar Wright or Robert Rodriguez. Miller has the superhero and visual effects experience needed, but still. FOX probably picked a first-timer because they’re easier to push around. In other words, FOX wants to ensure they have creative influence. They are notorious for being control nazis. And, it’s no secret that FOX has done a really phenomenal job pissing off the fanboys and fangirls with their ridiculously bad creative decisions when it comes to changing the Marvel source material for their movies. This choice may be another check on the board.

Deadpool has a director, but there are still many unknowns. Like if Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as the merc with the mouth, as made famous by his portrayal of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Warner Bros. doesn’t want him doing it because of brand recognition to Green Lantern. I could be wrong, but I think he is contract locked. Regardless, Reynolds has been very passionate about the project and been insisting that it’s going to happen. Will have to wait on word from Reynolds, but most likely Deadpool will move forward with out him.

The one positive out of all of this is that the script is from Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. We’ve heard their script is amazeballs and this version of the character will be closer to the comic book version, scars and all.

Will Deadpool, one of Marvels more brutal, grim and over-top-zainy characters, get the attention it deserves? Knowing FOX probably not, but here’s hoping it’s everything that Reynolds, Reese and Wernick promise it to be.

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