“Silence Will Fall…” It’s a phrase that’s been lurking throughout the Doctor Who universe for more than a year now, and we might finally know what it means.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the spooky new aliens we glimpsed in the Doctor Who prequel last month are the key to the mystery. Known as “The Silence,” these creatures are said to be worse than Daleks, Cybermen and even Weeping Angels. We’ve only seen blurred traces before, but here’s what they really look like:

Yikes. These creepy fellows (and their neckties) are what await the Doctor and his companions for the April 23 premiere episode, “The Impossible Astronaut,” and rumor has it that they might spell the death of one of the show’s lead characters (The Daily Mail speculates it’ll be Amy Pond, but who knows?)

According to the same story, and to a quote from showrunner Steven Moffat, The Silence have the terrifying power of making you forget they ever existed the moment you stop looking at them.

One of their special powers allows them to wipe the memory of humans, so anyone who sees them and then looks away will forget ever having seen them.

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat, 47, created the new characters and wanted them to be scarier than any other baddies that have been on the show to date.

He told the Express: ‘I think the idea is very cool. Imagine going downstairs and you can’t remember if there was something upstairs.’

So, is this the dreaded silence that The Doctor has been warned about? Will these creepy looking guys be the key to the entire season? We don’t know, but we haven’t got long to wait to find out.

Doctor Who premieres on BBC and BBC America April 23.


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