Mark Millar announced at KAPOW-Con Sunday that our gory, foul-mouthed little dreams will come true when Hit-Girl gets her very own comic series this September.

The little murderess will have a book all her own, written by Millar and drawn by Leandro Fernandez. Millar said that he realized while he was writing Kick-Ass 2 that there was just no choice in the matter, as the sword-wielding pre-teen just kept slicing her way to the front of every scene.

“This is Hit Girl in her own ongoing book because I found that as I was writing the ‘Kick-Ass’ comic, Hit Girl would almost take it over because she was so much fun to write. When I was writing ‘Kick-Ass 2’ I found myself just desperate to write Hit Girl, but I had to force myself to give Kick-Ass as many scenes as possible because it was his book. So since I had so many ideas for Hit Girl that I couldn’t fit into one book, so I’ve just spun it off into a solo title. It made perfect sense. Everyone coming out of the movie or reading the comic just wanted more Hit Girl, so you needed more stories of her.”

So, while we’re waiting for this comic to drop, we can really only ask one question: Is it time for a Hit-Girl movie?

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