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In today’s round-up of super hero news we’ve got an interview with Michael Fassbender; Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer discussing X-Men: First Class sequels; some mild spoilers about The Avengers; more legal troubles for Warner Bros. over the ownership of Superman and Diane Lane had a chance to read the script, but only under intense supervision.

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Michael Fassbender will be bringing the role of Erik Lehnsherr, known to many by his more menacing moniker, Magneto, to the big screen this summer with X-Men: First Class. This Erik will be a little less jaded and bent on mutant supremacy than when we saw him portrayed by Ian McKellen in the first three X-Men films. But the hints of his future are definitely there,

IGN: Do you have a similar teacher/pupil relationship with the younger mutants as Charles does?

Fassbender: That is mainly Charles’s area. He is a real giver, and we toyed around that Charles has maybe quite a big ego to think that he is worthy to do this, with Cerebro [X-Men device which detects other mutants]. Maybe these mutants don’t want to be found. It’s quite an assumption that they do want to be uncovered and that he has the strength to lead them and teach them.

IGN: What does Erik think of this?

Fassbender: I think he’s also very happy to find out that there are other mutants out there. Again, the cogs are working in the back of his head. Like ‘I do eventually need to get my army together. There are other mutants that can help me now.’ Because I think his idea changes from what starts off as being a mission to get one man into a bigger plan to actually rid the earth of human beings and take over.

Fassbender also says in his interview with IGN that he would be one board for more X-Men movies, you can read the interview in it’s entirety here. So, Fassbender’s down for more X-Men movies after First Class? I’m sure this is just the kind of news Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer are delighted to hear.

First Class is similar to Batman Begins, where you have the fun of introducing the characters and getting to know them, but that takes time. But with the second one you can just get on with it and have a rollicking good time. That’s the main difference between Begins and The Dark Knight.

Above is a quote from an interview Vaughn gave to Total Film. He brings up a good point, sequels, when done right, can be a lot more fun than their predecessors. Compare X2 to the first X-Men, once all the exposition junk is out of the way you can really have a blast with your characters. He also talks about in what decade these sequels might take place,

1962 is far more grounded in the world of the ’50s. I think it takes about five years for a decade to really start getting its identity, so the fun thing about this for me would be doing [a sequel] in the latter part of the decade, where you’ve got The Stones, The Beatles, Flower Power…

Bryan Singer also notes it might be fun to take this franchise into different decades like the 70s and 80s. It might be interesting to see how these characters grow over time. What do you guys think, would you want to check in with our group of misfit mutants as time progresses or would you like the First Class franchise to stay rooted in the 60s?

X-Men: First Class open June 3rd.

sources: IGN, Comic Book Movie

We’ve already learned Stellan Skarsgard will reprise his role of Dr. Erik Selvig in The Avengers, but now we might know in what capacity we’ll be seeing him. This tiny bit of information was garnered from some viral marketing for S.H.I.E.L.D,

Doctor Erik Selvig is currently a sitting professor at Culver University in New York, where he has conducted research in astrophysics for over a decade. NOTE: Selvig was a known assoeciate of Dr. BRUCE BANNER.

Okay, so it seems he’ll probably be having some involvement with either Banner or his more “playful” green side, the Hulk. Again this is all speculation but I think the dots are beginning to be connect.

Recently at the Kapow! convention Mike Grover of Whedonesque had a chance to talk with Bryan Hitch, artist for The Ultimates, a series which is heavily influencing the upcoming movie. Grover writes,

I spoke to Bryan Hitch at Kapow, who said he is in regular phone contact with Joss and while he hasn’t seen the script due to not wanting to signing a non-disclosure agreement, Joss said he is really struggling to get his stunt extras to perform the feats the team did in the comic. No real surprise there, but what ever the villain(s) I think everyone is excited about this film.

Hmmm, so stunts are proving difficult. This makes me stoked to see the results if they can actually pull them off. I’m sure whatever can’t be completed with real stunt people will be filled in with the magic of CGI, so we’ll never know the difference. But how exciting they’re attempting to pull of impressive stunts with real people.

The final bit ‘o’ Avengers news gives us a hint at the plot structure as well as where a key scene may take place. The folks over at Comic Book Movie we’re able to talk with someone whose kinda affialated with set constuction and this is what they learned,

My friend is working on the set design and he said during the first half, the Avengers battle each other and during the final half, they all join together to battle a common foe. And based on a set piece hes working on, a scene takes place in a starship or spaceship that breaks apart.

The source is somewhat dubious so take this with a grain of salt, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all if this is the basic premise of The Avengers. I mean, we can’t be expecting them to meet and assemble right from the get go. We need the drama of them coming together, some grudgingly, to form the iconic team.

The Avengers is set to release May 4th, 2012.

source: Comic Book Movie

Finally to the Superman news, the section where I have an inkling of what I’m talking about (Cheers for DC fans!). First we have troubling news in the continued legal fight between Warner Bros. and the estates of Joel Schuster and Jerry Siegel. A judge has refused to allow “secret documents” to be used in the case. Apparently these documents prove the two estates of the Superman co-creators do not need to make any more copyright deals with the studio. There is also a “formula” included which would outline how each estate is to be paid once Warner Bros. is out of the picture. Secret documents? Formulas? This legal case is becoming almost as mystifying as dozens of Superman’s own adventures. Warner Bros. will be losing certain rights to Superman come 2013, which is why Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel is already in production.

For all the details on what progress, little there is, on the ongoing Superman ownership battle head on over to The Hollywood Reporter. Personally, I don’t see the problem of allowing the Schuster and Siegel estates full ownership of Superman, but then again, I’m not a money-grubbing Hollywood insider.

For the moment Warner Bros. is still in charge of the big, blue boy scout and they’re doing all they can with him in the meantime. Which equals the new movie they’re rushing along. Diane Lane has been cast as Ma Kent in Snyder’s reboot of the franchise and she recently told E! Online about her impressions of the script,

I read the script under lock and key. I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I’m really excited. I’m really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on.

I’m taking this as a confirmation we’ll be getting yet another Superman origin story, but I’m in no way surprised about it. We already know Snyder’s version is said to be a re-imagining of the myth. I just hope that when see Henry Cavill in the cape and tights we won’t be questioning who he is.

sources: THR, E! Online

There it is, another super hero round up. What little tidbit of comic book movie news has you most excited, or depressed for the upcoming movie season?

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