Nerdy Pillow Talk – The Video

We’ve all done it, one can’t resist the temptation for long. It’s often the true test of your relationship; Dirty Nerd Pillow Talk. Once the Dirty Nerd Pillow Talk is out in the open, you can’t lock up that nerdy Pandora’s Box ever again. All that’s left in the box is the hope of acceptance. As seen in the video from Megasteakman, one needs to be respectful of your partners needs and desires. You can’t force the Fett baby, jet packs may be cool, but if your lady friend isn’t into it, let it go.

Now some of these are NSFW, so put your headphones on, and don’t howl with laughter, that just attracts attention. If you realize that you have said one or more of the videos quotes, BRAVO SIR or MADAME! I tip my Nerdbastard hat to you!

Via: Toplessrobot

Category: WTF?