Sometimes when you need to sell a product it’s all about location, location and more location. Other times where that ad gets placed has the complete opposite effect. This is one of those times. This is on par with putting a fast food ad across the street from a gym filled with people trying to lose weight. You need to be smart about where your advertising goes but when you do something as dumb as this it takes more then an “I’m sorry” and box of chocolates.

And first place in fail goes to…

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, a funeral home with an advertisement for AMC’s The Walking Dead attached to the side of the building. While this ad from Consett, England is well done where it’s located is just ridiculous. That’s the last thing you need walking out of the home, planning a funeral and you smashed in the face with “Here watch this show about death.”

The Walking Dead is a fantastic series, the only bad part of it was having to be the owner of that building.

Via: Comics Alliance

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