Attack of the LEGO Zombies

We all know the plot: Scientists accidentally unleash a zombie plague, it takes over, human kind is decimated and a rag-tag group of survivors find comfort in each other and fight to live!

That rather simplistic plot is pretty much re-hashed every year in various video games, novels and movies.  But, is there anything better than zombies in a horror movie?

The answer is of course, no. It never gets old seeing blood and guts flying as the unstoppable zombie hordes advance.

That’s why this YouTube video from user TOMJOETWINS is so good, because it takes a rather harmless toy (LEGO’s), and makes a short film about a zombie apocalypse. It is truly a sight to see, and I wish it didn’t end on such a cliffhanger!

It is definitely worth a look, as you will never look at your LEGO’s the same way again after “Lego City Zombie Defense.” Check it out below.

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