Game of Thrones doesn’t premiere for another three days, but HBO execs are riding high on the wave of buzz the showing is getting, so high that they’re already envisioning a second season, which would presumably cover George R. R. Martin’s second A Song of Ice and Fire novel, A Clash of Kings.

The first season’s estimated $50 million budget means the show has to clear fairly impressive ratings in order to make another round of episodes worth the network’s while, but HBO series chief Sue Naegle told Entertainment Weekly Thursday that things look promising.

“We’re not nervous about it,” she says. “We’re all hopeful for a second season. We’re all feeling confident creatively.”

Part of this confidence no doubt comes from the sizable built-in fanbase of loyal George R. R. Martin readers the series has from day one, along with lots of very positive reviews (including us here at NerdBastards). Still, it’s not a guarantee. HBO has folded other highly ambitious, expensive shows that were great but couldn’t make the ratings. Remember Deadwood?

This means only one thing. We fantasy nerds have to tell all our friends to mount their couches this Sunday (and every Sunday) and watch this show until our eyes bleed. It’s full-scale, adult epic fantasy, and it’s brilliant. We can’t let this one slip by.

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