Nerdy Girls, Listen Up, Our Story is Being Told

Nerd culture has become a real hot commodity lately. Our favorite comics books are being adapted for both film and television. Our favorite sci-fi flicks are referenced in countless televisions shows. They’re even making movies about us and the nerdy things we do! Fanboys, Paul; these movies showcase characters like us sharing in the things we love. Well, they show the boys enjoying those nerdy things. The closest we’ve come to an awesome nerdy girl portrayed at the movies is Zoe from Fanboys. And they do a good job making sure we understand she’s not as big of geek as the guys.

Don’t worry, girls, other mediums have got us covered. Codex from The Guild, Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and Julie from One Con Glory. Don’t recognize that last one? You will from now on and here’s why. Julie is the creation of Sarah Kuhn, the author of One Con Gloy. Yep, it’s a book. A book chronicling the adventures of Julie, nerdy reporter, who while covering a comic book convention seeks to claim the long, lost action figure of her favorite C-list super hero, Glory Gilmore. A quest was never so noble. Charming, funny, and most definitely geeky, One Con Glory sheds a light on the con-going nerds we all know so well, but never does is stray into blatant stereotyping (Comic Book Guy need not apply).

One Con Glory is being adapted for screen by Kuhn and being produced by Desiree Hall of Hall Squared Productions. Meaning yes, a movie is in the works. Huzzah! In a recent interview with io9, Kuhn and Hall discussed being the first female-centric nerdy movie out there,

Kuhn: I do think the time has come for lady nerd movie protagonists to become more of a thing. Geek girls are a force to be reckoned with online and at cons, but it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen that reality reflected yet on the big screen.

Hall: Women’s role in the predominate geek oriented culture seems to primarily be either an afterthought or an objectification. One Con Glory shows that women like Julie—intelligent, professional and a hardcore fan of all things ‘geek-oriented’—exist in real life. I think a lot of women will identify with Julie and this story and I think that really helps our movie.

Yes, me, I’m pretty sure I’ll identify with Julie. I know I won’t be the only one either. To read their interview in it’s entirety, something I highly, highly recommend, just jump on over. To stay up to date on the progress on the One Con Glory film visit their website, and if you’re interested in learning more about the book or snagging yourself a copy visit Sarah Kuhn’s page. Need more convincing? Here’s more praise from some noteworthy nerdy girls,

The characters of One Con Glory are believable without straying into blatant stereotypes of the variety of geeks out there. You know these guys; they’re your friends, your neighbors, your raiding party…  Hollywood needs to option this NOW. – Jill Pantozzi, The Nerdy Bird

Reading One Con Glory is just pure geeky fun! I laughed out loud at SO many familiar references and recognized so much of myself in the characters. Great book, and I hope there’s a sequel! I want more geek awesome from Sarah Kuhn. – Jessica Mills, creator-star, Awkward Embraces

source: io9

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