Newest Cowboys and Aliens Trailer

It’s got cowboys, it’s got aliens, it’s got Jon Favreau sitting behind it smoking a big fat celebration cigar in anticipation of it’s release. Yes internet,the Cowboys and Aliens director released yet another trailer alongside the 5 other trailers released in between the Super Bowl and Wonder-Con. Starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, this big budgeted western sci-fi hybrid is scheduled for release on July 29. If you are smart you avoided American Idol this evening, but in doing so you missed this awesome trailer. Thankfully Apple is hosting the trailer in High Definition. Check it out there, or it’s embedded below.

Can an Alien fire a six-shooter?

If this looks all to familiar that’s because it is, it’s pretty much a mash-up of the Super Bowl commercial and the teaser trailer. However they did throw in some new footage alongside some clever editing and music changes, but Jon is still holding back. Like a child hiding his toys, Jon still has something hidden away for another time and he’s doing it perfectly. Where most movies can be summed up in their trailers, Favreau has been able to only reveal just what he needs to and keep the audience drawn in.

Is there anything that perked up your interests, did sell you on the movie or make you want to get on your horse and ride away?

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