Peter Jackson has posted his first Hobbit videoblog and it’s a good one. And a long one too, running over ten minutes. I’m a little too tired and hungry for donuts to offer any amusing/informative commentary. So let me briefly say the following:

-Peter Jackson appears to still be on the cocaine weight loss program. He’s looking as gaunt as ever.

-Jackson is thrilled to revisit Middle Earth once again and feeling a slight case of Déjà vu.

-Actors are having fun blocking scenes and rehearsing.

-By the glimpses of Bag End, Rivendell  (w/ blurred-out character designs) The Hobbit sets are shaping up to be exact replicas of what we saw in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy.

– Sir Ian McKellen is #WINNING

-There’s a sound stage celebration with some pre-film pep talk and hearty New Zealand warrior chanting (weird).

-Bilbo finds the ring. At the very end of this video, there’s a shot of Martin Freeman as Bilbo picking up the One Ring for the first time.

The Vlog is one of many to come. Each will tease the flick and further reignite interest in all things Tolkien.

The Hobbit. It’s finally really happening. YAY! Carry on.


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