The starring trio of Doctor WhoMatt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – were in America this week for interviews and press appearance to promote the show’s new season, and while we love all the insights into where the new episodes will head and just how big and dramatic and awesome it’s going to be, we might love this video even more.

Buzz Feed challenged all three UK stars (two English, one Scottish) to read a cluster of tweets by various US celebrities in their best American accent. Who are the US celebrities. Brace yourselves. Seriously, grab onto something: Snooki, Ghostface Killah and Sarah Freaking Palin.

Yes, that’s right, in the video below you get to see The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams read tweets about how awesome dolphins are, how to treat your woman and the US budget crisis, all in American accents of varying quality. Personally, I think Darvill wins the contest, and Gillan loses. But I think we can all agree we’d rather hear her saucy Scottish tone any day.


If you’re still looking for that perfect outfit for your Doctor Who Season 6 premiere party, look no further. Hide Your Arms has assembled a Doctor Who t-shirt round-up of Gallifreyan proportions. This badass compilation has 119 (yes, you read that right) examples of wearable Time Lord greatness, including retro Doctors (lots of Tom Baker shirts here) and mash-ups with the likes of Scooby-Doo, Stargate and Star Wars. Here’s a gallery of 10 of the best examples (I must have the Tom Baker “I Deny This Reality” shirt).

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