Welcome bastards to a new installment of “Stuff You Want, Things You Need, & Everything You Can’t Have” by yours truly, Eric aka geektrooper. I’m back to inform you about some of the awesome goods out on the market for your collecting pleasure. One of my favorite spots to shop online has to be ThinkGeek (Stuff for Smart Masses). So, why not do a list of some of the newest and coolest stuff that ThinkGeek has to offer. Beware of Timmy the Monkey.

Item: Battlestar Galactica Auction Catalog

Back in 2009, Propworx held an massive auction of various props and costumes from ‘Battlestar Galactica’ that made every fan of BSG go nuts. Items such as a Viper pilot flight suit to Number Six’s sexy little red dress were all auctioned off and found their way to a new home. Unfortunately, fans like me with shallow pockets couldn’t get my hands on anything, but whats really cool is that two cool books has been released featuring amazing photographs and details of all the items auctioned during the event. It’s not just your standard catalog as the two volume set includes interviews with cast members and the team that produced these awesome props and costumes for the show. I love that fact that this would make an awesome coffee table book for any Battlestar Galactica fan.

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Item: Zombie Head Cookie Jar (ThinkGeek Exclusive)

I’m a sucker for zombies. I’m even a bigger sucker for cookies. So when I ran into this little magical zombie cookie jar, you know I fell off my seat. This huge jar can definitely hold more than a box of chocolate chip cookies and the design of the zombie head is pretty awesome. Especially the open mouth and lazy eye. The top of the head serves as the lid and when closed, your guest will have no clue that this is actually a cookie jar. Considering there are very little ways to “geekify” your kitchen, this zombie head cookie jar is the perfect accessory.

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If you’re a nerd, you know exactly from whence this little worm hails!  He’s only one of the best parts of the entire movie Labyrinth! Think Geek has done it again by bringing this awesome dude into plushie form, just for your enjoyment.  It is much bigger than the puppet that appeared in the movie, but that makes it better.  Now you can cuddle with him and go inside and have a cup with his missus.  I guess.  Buy one!  You know you want to!

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Item: Star Wars Death Star “For Sale by Owner” T-Shirt

Ever walk down a street and see some random flyer nailed to a tree or pole advertising rooms for rent or lost pets? Well, what if the Empire decided that they need to sell the Death Star and they just don’t have the money in the budget to take out a huge ad in the newspaper. This humorous tee features a really rough ad for the Death Star that may want to buy themselves a less-than-great battle station. The ad features the sellpoints of the Death Star such as “built-in trash compactors” and a “giant laser” that works.

I don’t think Darth Vader is into Craigslist.

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Item: Bacon and Cupcake Dental Floss

Yeah, I said it. Bacon and cupcake flavored dental floss. Why not? Practicing good oral health is something we all have a hard time with and that puts us in the chair in the dentist’s office. Well, what if you make the act of flossing fun and tasty. It only makes sense to flavor the floss with the delicious taste of the almighty bacon and the sweetness of cupcakes. I think that would promote anyone to floss more often. Unfortunately, that also promotes people to eat their dental floss as well. This is definitely a double-edged sword.

FYI Bacon and Cupcake flavored Toothpaste is also available

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Item: Organ Transport Lunch Cooler (ThinkGeek Exclusive)

I always love ThinkGeek’s creative products, especially when it has the possibility to have some shock value. Everyone has some kind of lame lunchbox that everyone else has. So why not be a little different and carry this awesome lunch cooler that looks like a transport container for organs? This insulated bag will keep your food fresh and chilled and also turn some heads as people will check out the red and white design of the bag with huge letter that says “Human Organs”. They might be wondering why you’re taking your sweet time snacking on a sandwich in the lunch room when there’s a human organ going to waste while you’re eating. Just don’t try to take this while crossing the border into Mexico or Canada. Bad move.

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Build it yourself

Item: Build-Your-Own Star Wars Mini-Lightsaber Dark Side Detector

Are you a Jedi or a Sith? If you’re having a hard time deciding, why not build yourself your very own “Dark Side detector”. The kit comes with various parts where you can customize your very own mini-lightsaber and when you turn it on, based on what is in your heart, the lightsaber will determine whether you are a Jedi or a Sith Lord. Whats even cooler is that the kit will help you and children learn a little something about electricity and science. That’s pretty awesome to think that Star Wars can be entertaining AND educational. Eat that Star Trek!

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That is it for this week! Until the next installment of “Stuff You Want…”, you can catch me on Twitter (@geektrooper) and at my blog, igeektrooper.com! Geektrooper, out.

Don’t forgot to stop by ThinkGeek.com They have everything you need and everything you don’t, but will want anyways. Call 1-888 GEEKSTUFF to order a magazine as well.


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