Do you remember watching ABC’s ‘Lost’ finale with your family and friends waiting for a proper ending only to have one of those “What The !#@*” endings. Well don’t worry, you and ‘Game of Thrones’ creator George R.R. Martin can share in your dislike of the Damon Lindelof series together. For those of us that don’t frequent the gossip columns of nerdness Martin publicly claimed in an interview that he felt “cheated” by how Lost ended, causing Lindelof to respond in the manner befitting of an executive producer and screenwriter. He jumped on twitter and bad-mouthed Martin like a Rebecca Black music video, thankfully they’ve sorta resolved their issues. It’s not quite a ‘kiss and make up’ situation, it’s more like a you stay out of my sandbox and I’ll stay off the monkey bars.

It’s not that I hate it, I just dislike it greatly

Sitting down to speak with  TV Squad about the Lost finale, the final episodes and to clarify the previous statements he made about the ABC series:

“By the time we reached the finale, I was still hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. I still think ‘Lost’ told a terrific story… a terrific story with a terrible ending.

If the payoff had been equal to the set-up, I’d rank ‘Lost’ among the very best series in the history of television. It didn’t, so I can’t. So in that sense, maybe the finale did change my opinion of the show.

It certainly made me less likely to go back and watch the series again. If ‘Lost’ had delivered an ending that tied everything together in some brilliant and unexpected but satisfying fashion, I would have been first in line to buy the boxed set of DVDs so I could go back and watch it again episode by episode, exclaiming with pleasure, “Aha, so that’s what that meant,” and, “Oho, now I see, I thought that meant X, but it really meant Y.” Instead, I fear, watching the series over again would give me more frustration than pleasure, and I’d fid myself muttering, “Well, that was never explained,” and “Oho, that was a great puzzle that led nowhere,” and “Hmmm, that was kind of arbitrary.”

Admittedly, I’ve only watched the show once, as broadcast. Which makes me a casual viewer rather than a devoted fan, I suppose. I haven’t made a study of it, haven’t read any of the blogs or criticism, haven’t subjected the older episodes to any kind of analysis. Maybe I need to do a rewatch. Maybe if I did I would see that I was wrong, that the eventual end was actually being hinted at and foreshadowed in the first season, that all the puzzles are explained if only I looked a little deeper. Maybe.

I have my doubts, though. Unlike Locke, I am not a man of faith. I am a man of skepticism.”

Now if that didn’t make you want to throw on your Dharma uniform and go all Sawyer on Martin’s ass then listen onward. Martin went on to say that in the interview that while he did enjoy the series as a whole, he hated the ending of Battlestar Galactica even more than the way Lost wrapped up. Looks like round two is going to be George vs. Ronald D. Moore, this might be the start of an East Coast/West Coast writers fight.

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