Before we get to the news, A Disclaimer: I could give a flying rat’s ass about this film. It’s a one trick pony of a book being turned into a one trick pony of a flick. The whole horror mash-up subgenre needs to crawl in a hole and die a slow, agonizing death. In fact, new rule: Unless it involves the Almighty Romero, Robert Kirkman or some other horror creator of quality, I will cease to give a damn about bullshit zombie projects. Here endeth the lesson.

And now, the news…

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has both a confirmed director and a semi-confirmed writer. Craig Gillespie, the guy who made the great film Lars and the Real Girl, has been confirmed to direct the project. And he let slip in an EW interview that the script he’ll be using came from David O. Russell, that guy who just got a ton of acclaim for a little picture called The Fighter.

No, we have a really great script that we’re just going to do a polish on and then get going, really…. David Russell wrote the script off the book, and it has such a great mix of humor and horror.

So, two talented people have signed on to waste their time on this thing. That’s nice. I’ll be over here watching Dawn of the Dead and Zombie for the 100th time and missing the good old days.

Oh, and by the way, I know some of you are thinking I’m wrong about this, and maybe I am, but it could be worse. I could be using someone else’s classic writing to express how I feel, and then adding in my own little bits whenever I feel like it (did anyone get that joke?).

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