When we first reviewed the script for the first episode of David E. Kelley‘s Wonder Woman we were less than pleased. In fact it, ” sucked cute doggie balls,” which is really not the kind of imagery I want to associate with Wonder Woman. Since then there’s been some changes to the script, changes which make Diana appear a little less mopey about love and life. io9 was able to lay hands on pages of this new script used for casting purposes. In these pages they’ve found changes showing the Amazon princess as more of a badass and demonstrating a weird fetish for lifting men by their necks, hmm?

Hit the jump for some spoilery bits about the new series.

Yeah, she lifts quite few men by the neck now, in what I’m guessing is some demonstration of Wonder Woman’s strength. io9 reports,

At one point, she confronts a pair of security guards, whom the script calls Frick and Frack. They tell her she can’t go up to the roof of a hospital, and she says, “I’m Wonder Woman. How do you think this ends?” And then she lifts one of them into the air by the throat and the other one by the chest, until they admit they’re goons working for her nemesis, Veronica Cale.

This happens again when Diana is cut off in traffic by some douche who then flips her the bird. They exit their cars and the confrontation escalates to the point where Diana lifts this dude up by the neck. So, yay!, Wonder Woman is a bit of a beef cake, but I hope this doesn’t become a trademark move.

The final battle is explained more thoroughly as well. Before it was only mentioned by, “A SERIES OF FAST CLOSE UP CUTS — LEGS, ARMS… DIFFICULT TO TELL WHO’S WINNING AND WHO’S LOSING,” which sounds like a totally lame fight scene. I hate when the camera moves so quickly you can’t understand the action; a sign of poor directing.

A whole new sequence is added where one bad guy gets a knife to Wonder Woman’s throat, and she jams her thumb into his eye. Another guy, she deals with by getting on her back and using both legs to kick him into the air. The final bad guy chooses to surrender, so she knocks him out.

This reads like a much clearer final battle where we can see Diana actually kicking some ass, not just lifting men in a crappy facsimile of a force choke. We also learn more about her motivations to fight crime. She visits a victim in the hospital and tells his mother to not seek vengeance against those responsible for her son’s pain. That’s Wonder Woman’s job.

And finally a few minor adjustments: we see Wonder Woman saving Steve Trevor from the plane crash on Paradise Island, in a flash back. In this scene we see the Amazon, Artermis, telling Diana it’s too dangerous to save the man but she obviously doesn’t listen. The relationship between Diana and Steve will be more developed and we’ll know they both are crazy for each other as the series progresses. A neat little addition is Diana’s neighbor, William Marston. If you’re up on your Wonder Woman history you’ll recognize the name as the creator of Wonder Woman. Unfortunately he’s portrayed as such a prick,

[Marston] finds her cat, Robin, which has bitten him. So to make it up to William Marston, Diana goes out on a date with him — which ends badly, after William tells Diana he thinks Wonder Woman is a fascist. Ouch. Diana says, “This woman spends her whole life fighting for justice, and the idea that people think of her as a Fascist…” She is now glad that her cat bit this guy.

Why make a character with a name clearing referencing Wonder Woman’s creator into such a dick?! I don’t get it. It’s far from the William Marston who wanted Wonder Woman to preach love to man’s world and help us end world wars, I’ll tell you that.

Adrianne Palicki stars in the new Wonder Woman series, which I believe is airing next fall on NBC, but there is no confirmation for that. Do these slight changes ease any fears you might be having about the new series? Personally, I’ll be happy is they lose the heals and keep these awesome red, flat-heeled boots. But that’s just me nerding-out too much about the practicality of super heroics.

source: io9

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