The Doctor Who Cast Playing Doctor Who Pinball

This Saturday is the return of the time-traveling Time Lord and his (now married) companions as Doctor Who season 6 premiers. Splitting this season into 2 halves and starting off strong with The Impossible Astronaut this could be the the best season yet. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will once again travel time and space battling the likes of the the Cybermen, Daleks and never seen but heard force of The Silence. With season 5 all wrapped up and season 6 headed our way what do the stars do to blow off steam in between filming in the United States? How about playing Doctor Who pinball and answering questions about season 6 and other various Whoniverse related topics with New York Magazine.

Who’s got the balls?

It’s more of a “shoot the shit” style of an interview, kinda asking questions for the sake of asking questions as the cast can’t give out too much information right now. An even amount of episode questions mixed with watching everyone play the still very functional Doctor Who pinball machine. They did remain quite tight lipped on River Song, played by Alex Kingston, but did confirm her full story will be revealed in episode 6. Other than that, enjoy the quartet having some pinball fun while they talk crazy fans and Matt Smiths hair.

Doctor Who season 6, Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill premiers this Saturday on Space in Canada, BBC America in the United States and of course the BBC in England.

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