Expecting to see a good a Transformers movie, at least by Micheal Bay,  is like taking the shirt off a small chested chick and wishing by chance of magic that some big floppy titties are gonna fall out. It’s just not gonna happen.

With that said, there is an unarguable sense of anticipation building for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The third, and most likely last installment for Michael Bay, has some how set the expectation that it might be the best yet. Might. Couple of suspected reasons:

-Michael Bay himself , on account of the writers strike, admitted the plot of ‘Rise of the Fallen’ was a disaster.  He’s claimed to have learned from the mistakes and is promising a dork free script this time around, with great robot conflict and over all serious tone.

-Did you see that Super Bowl Teaser Trailer? Regardless if it was made for folks with a 3 second attention span, it was intense as hell.

-NO MEGAN FOX. Praise Jebus. Shia LeBouf is fucking a Victoria Secret model now.

-It’s in 3D. Before you roll your eyes keep in mind 2 things. 1. Shooting in 3D is problematic (the camera work is a bitch) and will undoubtedly limit Bay’s directing style. He’ll have to adjust to a much slower pace. Which might indicate the action will be clear and coherent this time around. 2. FIGHTING ROBOTS!. This is the kind of stuff 3D was meant for.

I’m not expecting much, but it’s unfair to assume it’s going to as bad as Revenge of the Fallen which was a completely different production with issues that this film didn’t need to confront.

Anyway, two new character banners were released today; one shows a slightly redesigned Bumblebee. Then there is a banner of Shockwave, who will be one of the primary villains of the film. See ‘em both after the break, along with the Optimus Prime banner released not long ago.







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