Doctor Who is going viral.

The BBC put out two new (very) short videos Friday morning, one of the official Doctor Who site and one on their YouTube, that tell us nothing about the plot or the characters (at least, not on the surface), but do serve to royally creep us out.

Both videos are titled simply “…are real.” (possibly from a line in the prequel webisode: “The monsters are real.”) and feature what looks like black and white surveillance camera footage on two different city streets. Video 1 has a creepy approaching light going for it, but Video 2 has ominous shadows. They’re both less than ten seconds long, and feature a lot of crackly interference, so it’s hard to tell if there’s any secret to be revealed. Mostly you just get left with an immensely creepy feeling, and a very strong desire for Saturday night to get here really damn fast.

Here’s video 1:

I expect a full second-by-second breakdown from some of you AV nerds by the end of the day.

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