10 Minutes Worth of Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Not playing Mortal Kombat 9 yet? Seriously, what the fucks the matter with you? It looks good. It feels good. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted out of MK game. Ever.

Love the game but don’t have time to remember strings of button amalgamations for combos, fatalities or anything that requires real thought? You wanna see those gruesome, bloody disgusting finishing moves, but just can’t pull em’ off because you’re a born button smasher… or you just suck? Well dear sir or madam, have a look at this video compilation featuring every characters main fatality. 5 minutes worth of pure, wonderfully violent, sick ass dismemberment.

If that didn’t send your “oh shit” meter into the stratosphere then your a joyless bastard. Go back to playing with puppies and dancing under rainbows.

BONUS VIDEO: If you’re a card-carry member of the “hate Kratos club” (consider the mangling Kratos does to Greek Mythology) then here’s a another compilation featuring the god of war as the subject of another round of Fatalities, secret fatalities mind you.

There’s something so satisfying about Sheeva ripping off Kratos’ arms, beating him to death with them, and then using those same arms to applaud her handiwork.

source: topless robot

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