Do you wish you could somehow transition your vigilante lifestyle from DC Universe Online into the real world? Are you dreaming of jumping rooftops and thwarting thugs in the costume you’ve brilliantly designed in game? Well, DC Entertainment and the advertising goliath, Leo Burnett Worldwide are looking for you. Recently opened in Madrid, Spain is the tailor shop of a one, Mr. Lee, tailor for a super heroic world.

I’m not kidding, either. This is 100% legit. In Madrid you can visit a shop and have your costume from DC Universe Online personally tailored. Of course, this little service will only set you back about €400, roughly $600, but for the crime-fighters of tomorrow that’s chump change. Mr. Lee’s Sastreria is currently accepting appointments which you can book on his website.

This might just be the perfect solution for all those frustrated DCUO gamers who currently can’t play due to the Playstation Network being out of commission. I’m not bitter or anything, I am perfectly capable of finding better things to do with my time than clearing the streets of Gotham of crime or helping the Green Lanterns defeat the Sinestro Corps. Yeah, no, I totally have better things to do with my time. Like, umm, watching this video and then immediately booking my appointment with Mr. Lee to make my crime-fighting alter-ego, the nature-infused archer Guinevere, a reality. Mr. Lee is all about confidentiality when it comes to your secret identity.

Impressed or shocked DC is wanting fans to shell out 600 bucks for a costume any good cosplayer could whip together for a lower price?

source: Comics Alliance

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