Something’s are too cute to explain and some are so cute that they’re deadly, this one however is just plain cute. The companion cube in Portal was such a hit with fans that they started making their own plush cubes. Well now that Portal 2 has been hitting the PS3, X-Box 360 and your home computer it looks like fans have decided to make another plush; just a bit skinnier this time. It’s not the Aperture Science robots Atlas and P-body but the turret can be just as cute, the bullets thankfully are just stuffing.

Dispensing Product

Made by Jonathan M. Guberman and Leigh Nunan, they created this fully interactive Portal turret and by fully interactive we mean it won’t kill you. It does sense when you’re there, when you pick it up, and when you knock it over, and it responds appropriately.

shut up and take my money. Mass produce this now.

Via: Buzzfeed

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