You wake up one weekend and decide that you’re going to play that Playstation 3 beside your televison only to discover you can’t log on. “That’s ok” you think to yourself, maybe it’ll be all patched up tomorrow. Now try doing that for the last six days, that’s right, six days of Playstation users unable to act like 12 year old children. Such a bad time for all this to be going down, with Mortal Kombat just released and Brink only weeks away, it’s a safe bet a few $300 systems were tossed out of a window in pure rage. The rumors haven’t been too get great either with reports that it was all Anonymous, credit card information being stolen, right down to rumors that arrests were made by the FBI. It’s like high school all over again but with less wedgies and more insults. Since the online network has been shut down for almost a week just what has been going on with Sony and the Playstation network?

Sony a no-no

The full story has yet to be released to the public other than an outside source hacked into Sony‘s servers and created a security breach. Yes, a group or a single person bent Sony over the table and hacked them like a prison shower scene, in response Sony shut down their online network so they could work on updating their security. It’s great and all that they’ve decided to do this to protect not only themselves but the people they serve, the only problem is that they haven’t really spoken about just what in Kevin Butler’s good name is going on.

This is Playstation Network’s first major crash since the service has been available for almost FIVE YEARS and that’s quite a feat to hold on to, that was until the breach that sparked more rumors then the end of a Doctor Who episode. Internet social media guardians Anonymous did say that attacks on Sony should be done but they have claimed no wrong doing in this matter. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been rumored to have issued up to 40 arrest warrants due to the outage based on a story from website Gamesthirst, this was confirmed false by Kotaku. Bad enough people can’t perform a teabagging in Call of Duty right now, it’s just a shame to stir the pot and piss even more people off with a fake report.

Good new is you can still go on Netflix, access your Internet from the system and get a constant rotation of system updates. Hopefully they’ll be able to get the network back into working order soon and with minimal damage to their image before it’s too late. The exectutives at Sony will have to make sure that they pay their nerds in technial support a little better for all the hard work they’ve been doing. You don’t want this happening twice in one year, let alone once in five.

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