Whether we care or not, there are more than a few major philosophical themes in Star Wars: finding your place in the universe, whether or not true evil can ever be redeemed and what it’s like to have major Daddy issues. But even the most die hard deconstructionist might not have come up with this clever take on Episode IV: A New Hope through the eyes of noted French existentialist writer Jean Paul Sartre.

The video follows several of the main plot points from the flick: Vader capturing Leia, Luke meeting Obi Wan, even the Death Star trench run. The dialogue has been converted to French, and nearly every subtitle is a quote from Sartre, usually the most depressing ones. Among my favorites: an X-Wing pilot crashing into the Death Star surface and declaring “Nothingness, I embrace you.”

It’s clever, but it really would make much more sense to do this with The Empire Strikes Back. It’s got that natural pessimism thing going for it. Also, you’ll notice there’s no Han here. You can’t force philosophy on Solo. It just won’t happen.


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