So Joss Whedon‘s Avengers started filming yesterday and as energizing as that might be, you might as well consider it the checkered flag (checkered means “go”, right? Fuck I don’t watch Nascar, I dunno) for the flood of news, rumors, speculations and all other types of hogwash to come pouring in. *sigh* The days, weeks and months a head will be nothing but Avengers talk and I for one am not ready for it. Don’t get my wrong, I can’t wait for the movie. I mean Christ, the entire Marvel movie universe has been building up to this tent pole film. The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and so on, all in one epic movie? Mother fucker, give me a hand fan and let me wave off the nerd sweat off my brow. It’s exciting OK, but I wanna take it in stride. Let me get through ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ before I start getting hammered with every little ‘Avengers’ update. So please Internet keep it at a dull roar for now. A nerd can only take so much.

*Woosah…Wooooosah*. OK, with my little whiny, bitch ass rant out of the way, I’ve calmed down enough to give you a little Avengers update. In a recent string of video interviews with MTV News, Chris Evans has not only revealed that Mr. Red, White and Blue will sport a new costume for The Avengers, but that he and Tony Stark will face off.

Along with the interview MTV released an exclusive new image of Cap in full costume (pictured above).Check out what the actor had to say about how The Avengers will deal with Captain America being brought into the present, clashing with Tony Stark and getting a new suit for superhero epic…

On Bringing Captain America Into The Present Day And Clashing With Tony Stark:

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On Getting A New Suit For The Avengers:

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On What He Likes About Captain America And Comic Book Movies:

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