As I mentioned yesterday, with the fan-made Tron 3 trailer, fans love making up what they would like to see on the screen. But that is not all they love to do.

Some fans like creating trailers for movies that don’t even exist, but play off existing characters. And this one, in particular, really interested me.

YouTube user themanbatman created a trailer showcasing the world of Batman in the vein of a psychological thriller entitled “The Batman Complex”that mashes up clips from the Christian Bale series of Batman movies, The Machinists and Inception.

It poses the questions: What if Batman wasn’t real? What if it was all in Bruce Wayne‘s head? And what if he could be saved?

It is really well done and rather thought provoking.

Here’s what the creator wrote about it:

… the gist of the idea revolves around a few fun topics, mainly the whole “what is real?” train of thought, and also every fans desire, deep down or upfront, to be Batman at least once in their lives. LOL. And so, I tried to craft a story where we see what happens when someone takes their dream of being Batman a little bit too far. An idea, after all, is a truly resilient parasite. 😉

I’ll let you guys draw conclusions about the rest … but I do intend for it to eventually house two theatrical trailers, and maybe a few TV spots. I have to admit, it’s been fun doing something different (this type of trailer is REALLY different compared to what I’ve done before), and I look forward to doing more when I get the chance.

If you think about it, from a real-world context, it could make sense. How else could a man transform into a winged vigilante who becomes a hero and defeats the evils that plague society?

What do you think?

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