Looking for a distraction of the day? Look no further than Mike Voiles extensive cataloging of every comic book published by Marvel, DCFawcett, QualityCharlton and Wildstorm from 1935 to the present. It’s an exhaustive collection and will obviously become a go to resource for serious collectors.

But as the writers over at The Mary Sue point out, the rest of us will be using this like a comic book nerd’s zodiac. Specifically, looking up what comics came out the year and month you were born. Me? I was born in the year that started with the cataclysmic finale of Crisis on Inifinite Earths then moved on to such groundbreaking titles as The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. It was also the heyday of series like The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans. Oh, the mid-80s.

I’d also like to point out 1986 was the year Booster Gold got his own ongoing series. Freakin’ awesome.

Who doesn’t love Booster Gold!? Besides Blue ‘n’ Gold himself.

Check out Mike’s Amazing World of DC and let us know what every comic nerd was raging about the year you were born.

source: The Mary Sue

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