Armie Hammer is The Lone Ranger….Maybe

The Lone Ranger film -based on the blacked masked gunslinger from the classic radio show and television series – has been in the Hollywood machine since 2002. Only recently has the project made some headway. A while back an official logo (seen here) was released accompanied by news that Johnny Depp would be playing Tonto. Word has been hush since.

Well it looks like all they need now is a horse to play Silver because the masked gunslinger himself has been chosen and he’s married to Elizabeth Chambers. Hell yeah, The Lone Ranger is going to be Armie Hammer (The Social Network)

Who was that masked man anyway?

Written by Justin Haythe and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Armie is in early talks to star opposite Johnny Depp in the Gore Verbinski-directed film for Disney. If all goes well, Hammer could be shouting “Hi-yo Silver! Away!” sometime in the near future. Being that this is after all a Disney move it’s safe to say the highest rating this movie will see is a pg-13, but it could be straight gold rather then that weakling silver. Hammer will first get the role of the prince in Relativity Media’s Snow White, out June 29th, 2012.

The lone Ranger; a surviving Texas Ranger who was nursed back to health by the Indian Tonto rides with him, on Silver and Scout, throughout the West, doing good while living off a silver mine which supplies him with income and bullets.

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