Only yesterday we showed you the sneak peak of Tarsem Singh‘s Immortals from E! News. Today we’ve got the whole trailer and it looks impressive. The amazing visuals Singh’s employing look epic and vast. The image above? It’s some battle taking place high in the heavens, I think. Regardless, it looks incredible. Key word here being ‘looks’.

Immortals seems very, very similar to Clash of the Titans, and I don’t mean it in a good way. The first trailers for Clash were great looking but when it came to the film, snooze. I’m hoping Immortals backs up it’s pretty scenery and jaw-dropping action with a good, sensible storyline. I hate saying this but when a trailer relies so heavily on what we’ll be looking at and not the story they’re telling, I become skeptical. It’s hard to find the perfect blend of visually driven, feast-for-the-eyes films with a gripping storyline. Often we don’t get both. Granted, it’s really hard to tell the quality of Immortals from a single trailer which is why I’m hoping over the months we learn more about this world they’re presenting so beautifully.

Hey, not matter what, you can get a real good look at future Superman, Henry Cavill. Shirtless, ladies. Not that you couldn’t have seen him a plenty in The Tudors, but whatever.

You can watch the trailer below and judge for yourself, is this going to be a must see feature when it’s released November 11th? Oooh, aren’t they clever, nabbing the 11-11-11 release date.

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