This Week in Comics 4/27/2011

Editor Note: NB contributor Veronique Medrano will be stopping by every Wednesday to give you bastards the word on the week in comics. Not only will she tell ya what are the good grabs for the week, but she’ll also keep you abreast of all the good stuff going around the comic-book water cooler (Industry news, major story lines, etc.). She has boobs and reads comics. What more do you need to know? -Luke

Extree! Extree! Comic book aficionados here is your insider comic book news .This Monday the Associated Press reported that Archie comics will now offer several of their titles in Español for download through their digital comic subscription at, iTunes, the iVerse App, Sony PSP, and in the next few weeks Android powered smartphones. Ay Dios Mío! Todas las  posibilidades para leer a Archie!  This is surely some exciting news for expansion on the Archie franchise and its Spanish speaking fans all over the world. Hell, I wouldn’t mind livening up my Spanish course with a bit of Archie comics.

Users of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color listen to this!  Barnes & Noble’s has announced new graphic novel options available due to updates that include the addition of an app store. Starting today, Nook Color owners will be able to purchase and download apps exclusively through Graphicly. Available titles for download are:  Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (Archaia), Wanted (Top Cow/Image), and Irredeemable (BOOM! Studios). This sounds interesting for comic lovers who want to read a book on Nook, but with such a small title list that has no Marvel or DC titles  I wouldn’t spend a hundred some odd dollars on the Nook just yet. I’ll stick to the paper, but what are your thoughts?

Anniversary’s and official announcements at the London Sci-Fi Festival make this a time to crack open the milk bottles as current Hellblazer writer Peter Milligan, and DCU contributor confirm that John Constantine is returning to his old haunts. But, don’t crack the milk bottle just yet because Milligan says that Constantine will be the same, won’t affect the Hellblazer book, and won’t interfere with his Vertigo portrayal. He also elaborates that the Hellblazer readership will understand the separation between the Constantine’s. OK, I have to throw a WTF!?! So, what do you think? Can you keep up with all the different, but same Constantine’s or is this as they say, “a load of crumpets”?

On a serious note, artist John Medors continues his battle against a rare form of cancer in his spinal column.  But do not fear Spider Man is here!  In an a press release  made by Hero Initiative in conjunction with Marvel comics a limited edition print featuring John Medor’s recreation of the classic Spider Man #33 will be up for sale on Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics. Only 250 prints will be available. 50 autographed by both Stan Lee, and Medors while the remaining 200 have Medors autograph.  For more information about Hero Initiative or the price for the prints check out the full press release.

Finally! After 107 submissions, yes you saw the number correctly it was 107. Film critic Roger Ebert finally wins the New York Cartoon Caption Contest. Who would have thought that a man best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning movie reviews had such a yearning and determination to send 107 submissions for this contest until he got chosen!  Despite the fact that the chosen entry may not seem as funny as the rejected ones, congratulations are still in order for Ebert’s persistence to get his piece into The New Yorker. Now, if Roger Ebert would just collect all those rejected submissions and make a book I’d totally buy it. But it has to be on paperback from Ebay ‘cause hardcover is just too expensive during these hard times.

Now that we’re finished with a daily dose of news let’s take a look at the pulls for the week.

DC/Vertigo Pulls

Brightest Day #24

My first DC pull for the week is Brightest Day #24 Written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi with Art by Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason, Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark, and Joe Prado. This extra sized finale issue will mark a new beginning for the entire DC Universe. Twelve heroes and villains were resurrected, but a long shadow is fast approaching which will shake things up as a new champion of earth is chosen. Are you ready for this nail biting finale?

Justice Society of America#50

The second pull for the week is Justice Society of America #50 Written by Marc Guggenheim with Art by Howard Chaykin and more. This fiftieth issue will be one fantastic extra sized celebration as we join the team on their exploration of a bizarre underworld underneath Monument Point. At the same time we are left to wonder why Senator Eagin was out to get the JSA during the witch-hunts against the mystery men. This alone stands out as a plot twist and cliffhanger for this celebratory issue!  Any thoughts?

Green Arrow #11

Finally we end the DC main pulls with Green Arrow #11 Written by J.T Krul with Art by Diogenes Neves, Oclair Albert, and Vicente Cifuentes. As Brightest Day reaches its conclusion the mystery of the forest is revealed, and Green Arrow must decide once and for all if he can be a hero again. If it was just based on rhyming, the words Arrow and Hero’s rhyming compatibly should swing him in the heroic direction but that’s just my observation.

Other Pulls:

Detective Comics#876 -“Hungry City” part 2 of 2 has Batman thrown into a mystery he’s never encountered before with the discovery of Shamu’s unknown cousin’s carcass in the middle of Gotham City. Who’s next?

Scalped #48 -“You Gotta Sin to Get Saved” arc continues with Dash finally uncovering the truth about who killed his mother.

Wonder Woman #610 -Diana’s conflict with The Morrigan takes an unexpected turn as unlikely allies help her realize her true role as Wonder Woman.

Justice League: Generation Lost #24 -This extra sized issue marks the final battle. But, who will be victorious?

Marvel Pulls

New Mutants#24

My first pull for Marvel this week is New Mutants #24 Written by Mike Carey with Art by Steve Kurth. OMG we have reached the AGE OF X Conclusion!?!  Mutant kind makes its last stand as the psychic barricades Fortress X crumble and human militias assemble to exterminate the mutants within. When the battle is over NO ONE will be left unmarked. Oooo….Yes, those are four O’s of awe, don’t judge me. Who are you rooting for the mutants or anti-mutant forces?

amazing spiderman 659 cover Update: Spider Man To Join The Fantastic Four

Amazing Spider Man#659

The second pull for the week is Amazing Spiderman#659 Written by Dan Slott with Art and Cover by Stefano Caselli. Along with a first look at Spider Man’s new black and white costume, as he joins the remainder of the Fantastic Four. We are submerged in a new story that will will kick off the “Infested” arc that is a culmination of short stories leading up to the must anticipated “Spider Island” story arc that will have Spidey Fans talking for years to come. So pack your bags, figuratively of course, and set off on spider-brick road to Spider Island. Readers, is this new look sleek or just a bad homage to a spermling spider?


Now to finish off our main pulls for Marvel is Venom #2 Written by Rick Remender with Art and Cover by Tony Moore. Who would have ever thought that Flash Thompson aka Venom would go from villain to hero, but sure enough with last week’s release of Venom #1 it had people talking about just that. Now with this week’s release, there is a bigger buzz as Venom and Kraven the Hunter start an all out winner take all battle that will have you talking after it’s all said and done. So make sure to pick up this unique and must read series that will change the way you see Venom.

Other Pulls:

X-23#9 -X-23 may be working with Daken to bring down Malcom Colcord, but she doesn’t trust him and to prove that he’s up to no good she’ll have to embrace a dark side no one wants to see.

Osborn#5 -The former Green Goblin, Iron Patriot, and war-criminal director of H.A.M.M.E.R Norman Osborn stands poised to win his day in the sun. Will this allow him freedom to curse the Marvel Universe once again?

Avengers#12.1 -Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch join forces  to bring about a great Avenger’s epic that has SteVe Rogers directing each of Earth’s mightiest teams into heated battle against the globe’s smartest super-villains.

Mighty Thor#1 -Thor has ushered a bold new era for the kingdom of Asgard. But the Silver Surfer’s sudden appearance will herald the arrival of Galactus in Odinson’s realm. Is “Nom, Nom” in the Odinson realms future or “Kersplat!” for Galactus?

Independent Pulls

Walking Dead #84

The first pull for Independent is Walking Dead #84 by Robert Kirkman, Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn. This issue will end the “No Way Out” arc, which will leave everyone talking. No character is safe, including Grimes. So who do you think will suffer the “zombie ax” in this issue of Walking Dead?  Make sure to pick up a copy of Walking Dead #84 to name call and gloat if you’re right or walk into a corner with shame if you’re wrong.

Planet of the Apes #1

The second pull for the week is Planet of the Apes #1 Written by Daryl Gregory with Art by Carlos Magno. The story will begin before the original Planet of the Apes movie, and while the Apes reach a new golden age a cloud of dissent slithers through the human and ape ranks. Tensions rise, and chaos soon ensues as the fate of the Lawgiver is unknown. Fans of Planet of Apes should definitely check this out.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #4

Now we’ll finish our comic book excursion with Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #4 Written by Haden Blackman with Art by Rick Leonardi. As the miniseries comes to an end, we get to see a whole new side to Vader’s psyche. After an attempt on his life leaves him and a handful of loyal troops he must decide if he can stick to his duty, and what visions of Padme could say about his future. If you are a Star Wars Darth Vader enthusiast like I am. You’ll love how Haden Blackman has brought Vader’s character to life.

Other Pulls:

Angel Aftermath #44 -Story threads dating back to After the Fall #1 tie together in this explosive final issue for Angel and his team.

True Blood Tainted Love #3 -True Blood contamination scandal escalates as Jessica’s condition worsens, and the violence escalates.

Hate Annual #9 -In first full-length Buddy story in ten years, a family crisis forces Lisa to re-unite with her parents, and we quickly learn why she’s been avoiding them for 20 or so years.

Kato Origins#8 -Kato, working undercover for the Sentinel, has to find the murderer of a prominent businessman while keeping his true identity hidden.

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