In a move that will undoubtedly evoke claims of unpatriotic-ness and calls of communism by FOX News,  in Action Comics 900, David Goyer writes a story which sees Superman renounce his….(Wait for it)…. American citizenship. *rolls eyes*

Apparently, after becoming involved in peaceful protests in Tehran which cause ructions for his adopted country. Supes comes to believe that being explicitly seen as a force for the US(be it good or bad) can no longer ensure the safety of the entire world.

Issue 900? Gotta go with something big, but de-Americanizing U.S.A’s iconic boy scout? That’s a bold move. That’s a really bold move. Something many will feel as a betrayal to the people Supes has acquainted himself with for the span of his entire career. Oh God, I can hear the collective thought of every deep rooted southerner, republican and citizen in the bible belt now “Did you her that shit about Superman Denouncing his American Citizenship! Superman Stands for truth, justice, and the American Way!. Quick lets burn every Superman comic and superman related paraphernalia ’cause were ass-backwards ignorant douchecanoes that do shit like that”.

Considering Supes grew up in Smallville, USA and lives in the USA it shouldn’t be a stretch for anyone to understand why he would be American even though his origin is Kryptonian, but Superman was sent to Earth to protect Earth, not just America. He kind of does need to renounce his American ties in order to protect the rest of the world, if only to remain as a neutral party who is only interested in protecting the world from evil.

While this was nothing but a cheap way to sell comics it does invite an interesting discussion (Thanks Goyer). USA and its moral standard is the reason that Superman conducts himself the way he does. Is renouncing his US citizenship a slap in the face to his adoptive heritage? Or, does it make sense for him to cut his ties in favor of being a more effective world protector?

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Next up: Captain America burns the American flag. Probably.

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