Brett Ratner better not be screwing with us this time. Even though we’re used to being jerked around, and ditched for “Tower Heist”, hopefully Ratner and MGM (who has risen from the dead) will be making Hercules, The Thracian Wars. Ratner’s name has been linked with a slew of “yes I am, no I’m not” projects, so we should be cautious but hopeful that the man attached to X-Men: The Last Stand will finally stay fucking put! Apparently, according to sources, Ratner has a slight obsession with Hercules. So the fact that he followed the project from one studio to another along with that random information should be a good sign. If he’s as obsessed as we are with the steroid fanatic classic cartoon favorite, we’re good to go.

The project was originally in development for several years as “Heracles/Hercules”. Make up your mind, Greek or Roman, come on people, one legend at a time. Now, as Thracian Wars goes into development, it’s sure to be a great story at least. Veteran comic book writer Steve Moore returns with with a legend of a different kind, designer Jim Steranko. We can also assume it will have plenty of financing because of Spyglass’ owners being behind MGM. They financed JJ Abrams’s 2009 remake of “Star Trek” (woot) at Paramount.

So what we want is a helluva movie with superior special effects, amazing writing, and no douchemoves from Ratner. We also have to hope that assuming doesn’t make an ass out of…ok I won’t do that tired joke. More when we have more.

source: Vulture

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