Man Shot While Filming Deadpool Fan Series

It’s always funny till someone gets shot (then we point and laugh)

Now, when the munchkin hung himself on the set of “The Wizard of Oz”, if it was true, I’m sure it was tragic. When Cheney shot his buddy in the face, that was tragic (for his career and for the guy- the rest of us just laughed). This particular guy, well, I’m sure his IQ is tragic, and now we get to have a few giggles out of it.

Sam Vestey, Casey May and Michael Galusick were working on a Deadpool fan series when 23 year old Vestey was shot in the leg with a real gun. Vestey, just so we’re clear, knew, it was a real gun. The three would not say if he shot himself or if he got shot. Either way, someone is a dumb-ass. I’m not sure if it’s Vestey for allowing a gun to get pointed at him and one of the others, or if it’s just Vestey. Come on guys, I understand the desire to make things realistic when you’re a true fan (which is not to say that I once painted myself blue for a comicon…) but some online stores make very excellent fake guns. Next time, check those out. To make matters worse, they weren’t actually shooting (not literally) the series when Vestey was shot (literally). They were planning in his friend’s basement before going outside to make the film. I’ll give them some rest from the grief and say that they had used the gun before and believed it to be unloaded. Now i’m going to wonder if they were trying to make the series more realistic or if one of them really disliked Vestey. They all agree it was an accident but since we still don’t know if he shot himself or not, we’ll just be left to wonder about that, and about the relative effectiveness of gun safety laws where grown men are concerned.

source: slashfilm


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