If there is one thing Green Lantern won’t disappoint us with it’s their aliens. Fans of the corps know the interstellar police are teeming with all sorts of different races and it looks like Warner Bros. new movie is chocked full of diverse aliens. MTV’s Splash Page is releasing summer movie goodies all week and their first exclusive is a preview of the corps’ line-up.

The promotional banner features 12 members of the elite Green Lantern Corps including Hal Jordan, Sinestro and Kilowog. Click the above image for a larger, hi-res version. Can you name the other nine lanterns?

I’m really digging how they’ve individualized each Lantern’s costume and I’m impressed with the little skin the lady aliens are showing. Shocked, in fact. I guess they’re not Star Sapphires so of course they’re more conservative of dress . Sheesh! Can you imagine what those CGI outfits will look like when and if they introduce the Sapphire to the film series!?

Green Lantern opens nationwide June 17th.

source: MTV’s Splash Page

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