New Terra Nova Trailer Isn’t Anything New

Every new television show premiering in the fall starts press early. There are commercials, teasers, interviews in magazines, etc …

And yet, Fox Television‘s upcoming science fiction-eque television show Terra Nova has become the king of early previews.

First off, we’ve been hearing about this show for a while. They were a no-show at San Diego Comic-Con last year, their writing staff got a complete overhaul and it was supposed to premiere in the winter of 2010 (before it got pushed to May of this year).

Secondly, despite all the trailers and information that has come out leading up to the premiere, Fox delayed its premiere until the fall in order to give its special effects time to finish.

But I ask you this, dear readers, if it is taking them this long (well over a year) to finish up effects for the first season, how will they manage a second season or more, if they get picked up?

That said, the premise behind the show, that humanity screwed up its future and our only hope lies 65 million years in the past, is still cool. I just hope the show manages to be as cool as the concept sounds!

Take a look at the new trailer below, and let us know what you think.

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