Finally, the blessed day is almost upon us!

Tomorrow morning (bloody early in eastern time), the wedding will take place between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Is anyone else as sick about the constant coverage surrounding it as I am?

You would think that nothing else is happening on this whole planet besides two people getting married!

Yes, they are part of the British royal family, and he is in line to become King of England, and yes she is a “commoner” … but really? REALLY?

I will be happy when the whole thing is over and done with, and the news media can finally begin reporting on stuff that actually matters.

Or, at least that was my opinion until I found out how the couple met!

Neill Cameron, the artist who brought us the A-Z of Awesomeness, decided to shed his veil of secrecy and bestow upon us  the awesome and 100% true story of just how they met.

Behold the action, adventure, romance and dinosaurs (yes, DINOSAURS) in the comic below! Persoanlly, I may have to tune into the wedding just to see how the whole thing goes down, thank to this new evidence.

Check out the cool comic below!

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