So BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ premiered in 1963. If my math is correct (and it’s almost never is, so I had to look this up) that makes the show 47 years old. That’s another 3 years until the 50th anniversary, but yet, fans are gettin’ their panties wet on what might be in store in observance of this milestone. Whatever. Fans like having something to look forward to, I guess. But 3 years? *rolls eyes*

Yes, being 50 years and all, I’m sure something big is being planned. But, right now there’s nothing to report. Well, except that Christopher Eccleston wants nothing to do with it.

Yep, the Doctor that revived the long-running series back in 2005 cares not to double dip his chips, sort of speak.

“Are there any plans for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary?” was Graham Norton’s mind when he asked Eccleston on his Radio 2 show whether the British actor might consider returning to the iconic role he took up in 2005. His response?

“No. Never bathe in the same river twice.”

OK, literally, what’s exactly wrong with bathing in the same river twice? The current is always moving, it’s like new water every time. A pond or a bath tub might be scummy, but a river? Perhaps he likes to frolic around naked and picks different spots to keep peekaboos at bay.

While I’d like to respect Eccleston’s wish to keep himself distant from ‘Who’ and keep doing whatever the hell he’s doing these days, I think he’s a douche. He’s too busy thinking of himself and not showing appreciation for the show that launched his success. If asked to make a cameo of sorts in a milestone episode/special then he should do it. It would honor the series and the fans. Besides, Steven Moffat is now doing ‘Who’ as opposed to Russel T. Davies, you’d have to think that there’s be at least a bit of a difference for him this time.

While Eccleston gave a pretty firm “NO”, Michael Rosenbaum insisted for years that he’d never return to Lex Luthor—and he’ll be in the Smallville series finale this month. Maybe Eccleston will come to his senses and show some respect. Especially if gobs of cash are thrown his way.

If they can’t get Eccleston, there is still a few other doctors around. If David Tennant refuses, then surely they could get McCoy or a Baker involved.

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